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CD Binder Album
This handsome CD Album will safely store and protect your software, photo, audio CD or video DVD collection. The continuous board cover has been flexed and formed, then cased in a black Linen Cortina conservation buckram. A 3-ring metal holds our black polypropylene Safety-sleeve® pages for superior disc protection.
CD Tabs
A set of four index tabs made of .020 light gray archival board helps to organize your photo, audio CD or DVD collection. Each index tab is lightly lined that you may index your collection.
Polypropylene CD sleeves
The polypropylene lift up window of the Safety-sleeve® securely holds each disc in place and keeps dirt away from discs. The disc is suspended above a soft, non-woven, clean room material, which uses no chemical binders and will not shed or form lint. Dirt and microscopic debris go down through the fabric and become trapped away from the disc. The thin profile of the Safety-sleeve® requires one quarter of the space of a traditional jewel box. Safety-sleeves® are long-wearing, durable and comparatively inexpensive.
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* A 15% savings
CDSLIPCASE    $28.98
CDPOLY(10/PKG.) $14.35
CDTABS (4/SET) $16.90
CDSET $68.15*