Deacidification Sprays and Adhesives
Extends the life of paper by five times.

Archival Mist and Bookkeeper by Archival Products

Archival Mist and Bookkeeper

All paper can be made acid-free with Archival Mist and Bookkeeper. These easy to use, non-aerosol sprays gently neutralize harmful acids while providing a lasting protective buffer against future acid problems. Developed in conjunction with world-renowned research libraries and archives, Bookkeeper was designed for the controlled environment of conservation labs. The “fool-proof” Archival Mist was developed for the novice to ensure extended life of your paper-based materials.

Note: To free a clogged spray nozzle, clean nozzle with vinegar.

• Use on newspaper clippings, letters, awards, certificates, drawings, cards, stamp collections and other paper memorabilia.
• Material components are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and odor-free.
• Contains no solvents that dissolve or affect inks, colors or adhesives.
• Completely safe for the environment and contains no CVCs or propellents.
• Do not use directly on photographs. Can be used safely with materials that come in direct contact with photos such as mats, screens, cutouts and backing materials.
• Covers 25 square feet of paper or 300 3" x 4" clippings.

Catalog Number
Unit Price
Archival Mist 150 grams $49.79
Bookkeeper 150 grams $40.74
Bookkeeper Refill 900 grams $121.41

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White pH Neutral Adhesive

This strong polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is acid-free, fast setting, fully reversible, clear drying and flexible. It is formulated specifically for conservation and preservation purposes and will not yellow, discolor or become brittle with age. It will easily adhere to most surfaces, and has superb lay-flat properties.

White pH Neutral Adhesive by Archival Products
Catalog Number
Unit Price
PVA 16 16 oz. (pint) $17.94
PVA 32 32 oz. (quart) $29.90
PVA 64 64 oz. (half-gallon) $37.86
PVA 128 128 oz. (gallon) $57.72

Shipping charges are prepaid and added to your invoice or credit card purchase.

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